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With the warm weather on its way its time to get reacquainted with the crisp libations of white wines. Summer parties are on there way and it might fun to know a few fun facts about some of our favorite wines.
  • This crisp white wine is actually produced from a red grape.
  • Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio refer to the same grape, just different languages. (Can you guess?)
  • The first to cultivate this varietal in the US is a little know state famous for it's Pinot Noir (close relative of Pinot Grigio)... The Beaver State.

Nature's Design

There are some good things in this world. For instance... The joy of eating vanilla ice cream while strolling down the pier on the perfect California Spring day or walking barefoot in the grass and feeling the softness of the blades slide between and tickle your toes or coming home to the smell of warm cookies (chocolate chip of course) fresh from the oven and having the aroma invade your senses.

If you agree that these scenarios are in fact good things then you'll agree that "Little Spoon" is equally as good.

Playful and bemusing "Little Spoon" brings a fun loving smile to my lips and an equally frisky swagger to my hips. Right about now you're asking yourself what is this little spoon and where can I get one? Home Goods? Pier 1?... Ha ha. No.

"Little Spoon" is the debut EP from indie artist Lucy and La Mer, releasing April 6th, 2015. These collection of songs make me happy (sing it  Pharrell) and if this EP was the sound track for my walk down the pier I'd be skipping and waving my ice cream in the sky!

Three words come to mind while listening to this collection... Delightful, Quirky, and ironically Moody.

Oak Tree, the first song on the EP is the first kiss. You know when you're expressing so much joy that you can't wipe the smile off you face. There is a comfort in the tune. I can't stop tapping my feet.

Rainy Day... the feet keep tapping. This song is Pop Love! A feel good song that will propel anyone out of a funk.

Just Friends and Roomie Wanted are the two tracks that will make you want to put on your Minon Underoos and dance around the living room. And yes they make Underoos for adults, I would know ;o)

Heaven is a better sweet song that will encourage you to remember love and their rendition of the 80's pop song Tainted Love is unnervingly beautiful.

So when do we get the next album Lucy? I guess it's a... Good Thing... that Lucy and La Mer keep us wanted more.


Los Angeles, CA - Local Indie Folk/Pop band Lucy & La Mer will be releasing their debut EP Little Spoon this April 6th, 2015. The long-awaited record includes 5 original tracks, written by lead singer Lucy LaForge and recorded live at a home studio in Echo Park. Their songs, described as "a cutesy yet sardonic and eccentric blend of a Folk, Alternative, and Pop sound” were written by LaForge during a rough patch post-college, when she took to living out of boat and learned how to play ukulele in between grad school applications. 

"It was one of those funny transitional phases we all look back on and smile at. I was jobless, newly single, and completely confused about life post-college. I escaped to the ocean with just a ukulele and a GRE study guide, and this is what I came up with," said Lucy. 

The sound fits somewhere between a Wes Anderson soundtrack and an Ingrid Michaelson album. ""She is soft spoken and kind, with a personality as carefree as a feather in the wind... Much like her music, she is bright, darling, and smart," reported Free People's music blog.

Lucy leads an acoustic collaboration of musicians on her baritone ukulele, including GRAMMY winning percussionist Matthew Cook (LA Percussion Quartet) and jazz bassist Jon Lee Keenan (who also sings with the LA Master Chorale). The trio was voted to be part of the Echo Park Rising Music Festival in 2014 and also performed for Los Angeles' Mayor Garcetti at the Sierra Club's 50th Anniversary last year. Lucy also performed as a back-up singer for EDM legend Moby in two of his live shows in 2014. 

Their homemade record is a small collection of ukulele-driven pop songs that poke at the seriousness of being an adult, both in romantic relationships and as a working professional. In their biting single "Just Friends," Lucy unapologetically conveys a "veracious account of today's hook up generation" says Life of A Rockstar journalist Nicole Hanratty. Their debut song raised enough support from fans in 2013 to fully fund the band's first music video via a Kickstarter Campaign. 

"I'm so grateful to have constant support from my fans," Lucy stated. "It's reassuring to know that people are relating to the songs and are excited to hear more. We can't wait to see what they think of Little Spoon."

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Sustainable design is an important part of keeping the balance in our material world. So these are a few of my favorite wine related creations that aim to inspire and lessen our frivolous waste.

I love cork! So much so that I save almost every cork from every bottle I indulge in. LizzieJoeDesigns makes great use of the unused corks. 

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If you have every taken a trip to Napa you know that is a much needed item when purchasing all those bottles of Stag's Leap.
Landaal Packaging Systems makes these great eco-friendly insulated wine shipping container. Love this!

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I absolutely love these handsome coasters made from recycled grape vines. Brought to use by Wine Country Craftsman.

This is such a brilliant idea. Ever have a party where the wine glasses keep getting mixed up because they all look the same? Wine charms are a great idea but typically you can't take them home. Here is a gift that keeps on giving. Plant-able wine charms by LostandFoundGems.


This is a lovely way to make use of those used wine barrels that have served the excellent purpose of creating delectable wines. Wine Stave Crafts creates 100% recycled wine racks.

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Richly purple in color Santa Julia Organica Malbec Mendoza 2014 is not an edgy Malbec but the soft nose of  slight earth with distinct cherry notes,  (I almost hint a chocolate aroma) makes this a very drinkable wine. The smooth sip escalates into abounding spices with a tobacco, fruit finish. I am very much a lover of Argentina's wines Malbec  being one of my favorites and it makes my heart happy when the product of the grape is grown organically. The price point of this wine (around $10.00) makes the purchase well worth it.  


Nature's Design

LA Cookie Con 2015 is host to the first West Coast baking and pastry competition, featuring tasty treats from local and small businesses.
The rich depth of red cherry seduces my plate as I sip a handsome glass of Banshee Pinot Noir. Regina Spektor serenades as I sit relaxing on the mid-century modern loveseat. I gaze out to the charming but busy street of Toluca Lake. As I sit the wine breathes and I take in my surroundings…. The outer shell of the room houses various bottles, cozy in their wooden shelters. The Bar itself modern and sleek, wine box wood slats with a smooth white counter top.  I take another sip as the tannins make love to the tip of my tongue.

A little over a year ago Spin the Bottle opened it's doors to the public of Los Angeles. The owner of Spin the Bottle, Doug LaGambina, grew up in a mostly Italian American household in New York where wine was a staple of the family. He spent 20 years in the music business traveling and experiencing great food and wine. Upon moving to The Golden State his interest in California wines grew. Doug began taking classes at UCLA, WSET, and most recently the Court of Master Sommeliers. After investing in the much loved restaurant and bar Wood & Vine and watching the process from start to finish, Doug took an exit from the  music industry and enter the world of wine. In partnership with Scott Kay (Wood & Vine) Spin the Bottle was born into the growing world of up and coming wine bars North/East of the Hollywood sign. 
I thought it was odd that you couldn't easily find a place where you could have a glass or two of wine and also have options to take some bottles home. So I decided that would be the model for my place. I thought it was important to create a space that was inviting and provided a different environment from the usual dark, cluttered wine bar as well as a more stylish shop that would set it apart from BevMo etc. Also it was important to focus on small production wineries that delivered great quality for the price.
The wine shop happens to neighbor my favorite Argentinian restaurant which makes this the perfect place to stop in before a good meal. The shop does offer a few of the typical wine bar snacks, herbed ricotta crostini, mixed olives, and of course there is a cheese plate…. Hummmmm cheese. As the afternoon progresses the calm kicks in and the cherries flourish the longer they are exposed to the atmosphere. Smooth and void of complexity but rich with flavor this is the perfect glass for my mood. For this moment in time I can be still, not thinking where I have to go next or what I have to do. I can just sit, relax, and sip.