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I was so fortunate to stumble across this article on the Huffington Post that I have to share with all of my wine loving friends.  Basically one of the wine apps that I really love, Vivino, has paired some of our favorite Halloween candy with a glass (or bottle) of wine! I am so trying the Reese's with Tempranillo! Check out the link below and come back and share your favorite candy/wine pairing.
Happy Halloween!

In the birth of a new moment, in the city I love, I am introduced. Introduced to a new environment with the potential of new friends.

I wait… in line on the outside of this angular block of wood and concrete and who knows what other materials make up this structure filled with seductive art. The air is cool but warm, a pleasant fall evening. I wait, but who am I waiting for? This remains to be seen. A woman waiting in front of me says she likes my earrings. I say thank you or maybe I thought it, no matter we strike up a little friendly chat. I almost thought she was hitting on me but then she says “I’m waiting for this guy.” He arrives and we go our separate ways.

Then I notice someone. Not someone familiar but her face, her face is memorable. I had seen her picture just moments before. She is slender, silver and conventionally beautiful. She joins a small group. A young woman with wavy brown hair and a taller older gentleman. This is it, this is who I’ve been waiting for. I pocket my insecurities and walk towards them to introduce myself. To my delight their all very nice.

The doors to the venue open and we find our way to the ticket table. Of course I don’t have a ticket so I have to wait while the others head inside. I lean back trying to stay out of the way as I always do. I’d rather be walking the halls where various art pieces snuggle walls but I remain still observing all those who pass by.

He calls out “numbers 1-20”. I’m number 10 so I rush to get my wristband and head inside to meet with my new people. We sit together waiting, making explorative chatter. 10, 20 minutes go by and then… Then it starts. This introduction of spoken word nuzzled with music and voice. It’s as if I’m being thrust into another realm… another world. The base, cool and collected and then an explosion of melody and chaos of the best kind. This erratic rhythm begins to take over my soul. The brass pushes at every sense inside my frame. The hand of Industrial Revelation is placed at my mouth, parting my lips and reaching down my throat, fisting my heart to pump the blood for me.  The beat of the skin builds and climbs and then… The strings. Silence. Then POW! So many notes. My body wants to move and shake, dance with this gift of the music. But I just met these people and it’s not that kind of venue so I quietly grove in my seat. The solitude of the keys, melancholy the way I like.  And just like that I am abandon. Left with the essence of what was.

  1. Replace your shower-head with a low flow shower head. Most hardware store provide a discount with purchase.
  2. Use natural cleaning products or create your own.
  3. Create your own low flow toilet by using a brick or decorative rocks in the tank of your toilet.
  4. Wash only full loads of laundry in cold water.
  5. Plants like mother-in-law's tongue can help to clean the air in your home.
  6. Remove shoes at the door. If you wear your street shoes in the house your are tracking tons of unknown chemicals on the bottom of your shoes.
  7. Use a plastic pitcher to catch grey water while showering. You can use this water, assume the bath products you use are chemical free, to water house plants.

Mitchell Sofa - Rowe Furniture
Chloe Side Tables - Pottery Barn
Sanded Gold Oval Porcelain Lamp - Gallerie Noir
Pink Throw Pillows - Zazzle
Abstract Wall Art - Jennifer Flannigan 

I walk. The twilight lurking just behind. “just one” she says “other” The breeze kisses my flesh with the comfort of spirituality. I’m swallowed by the sound hugging my ears. Her voice consumes like the sweetness of a child’s oppression. My soul. My feet move forward in the pre-night air. I’m living and learning to love. The self that moves through this life wrapped in the mold of what is to come. She tells me what this is, this thing that we all search for, her voice thick with a gift for the rhythm of the notes. “can you give me everything?” Her question that we have all asked. I move uphill embracing this moment of fleeting clarity. Her voice tugs at the essence of craft. She speak to me so clearly, with a lush voice of insight. “goal of everyone” My legs embrace the climb as the sunlight lingers in the trees. “Can you give my everything because I can’t give you anything”

The steep takes hold milking the sweat from my brow. I embrace the pain. I embrace the breath moving faster. I am alive and in this moment her voice caresses every swell of muscle, every inch of my flesh. The burn in my lungs like fire dancing on water “if letters spell out words…. i will trust in time that we will meet again, if you wait”

I don't know much about classic cars but I love old cars. The designs on a vintage car are much more intricate than the plastic accessories we see today. Summer time is one of the best times of the year to get my indulgence of these classic beauties.
As of late I've been contemplating on 'what a home is' and why having a home is so important to me.  To some a home is a place to put your feet up, hang your hat. For others the home is a place of minimalism. Some consider a home to be shelter, a roof over their head. I agree. Shelter is very important but does shelter make a home?

As a child studio apartments and other people's homes were my home. When my parent was finally able to purchase a house I got two rooms to do with what I choose. I was very meticulous about my color scheme,  peach and mint green, and all the furnishing had to be bleached wood. Ha ha. I'm really glad my design taste has evolved. Even still my two rooms weren't enough. I always felt that the walls of my space begged for more.

Home is a place where I can fully be myself, where I can imagine, where I create. My home has to be stylish, comfortable, and orderly. I create beauty in my home. The interior dressings are not the only thing that make my home a work of art, they are accompanied by the laughter of quality friends and adored family, eclectic music or a good book, a complex glass of wine and a moment of inspiration. My home is an evolving museum of life. So I ask, what is a home to you?

Florence is a city of beauty, character and inspiration. Around every corner there is something to be found. What amazed me about Florence was the artistry embedded in the very frame of the city. One of the moments I loved the most was the impromptu opera performance in the square by a talented woman in black. The food in Firenze is exquisite and there is no such thing as bad table wine.  Oh how I miss Italy!

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