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It's the afternoon. The light is still vibrant, glowing off the white walls covered in art and inspiration. I lay on my belly with my low back exposed to the air. The room is comfortable. I hear the hum. The buzz of ecstasy and anguish. There is this idea that for art we suffer which in my daily is untrue, but today this  idea is inevitable.

In the first moments I am reminded of the pain so long removed. I don't cry out but I'm screaming on the inside. After hour one the pain is an old, dear friend to me. I'm reminded of the joy it once brought me and reminiscent of the pleasures of our bond. At hour two I am deep in the breath and focus on the comfort of the pain and the lessons to be gained from it. My meditation 'love'. The symbol I have chosen is a testament to this.  In the final hours the pain shows its full dominance over me, though my body lay stagnant for the most part, my jaw begins to quiver, teeth clashing against each other. My saving grace is that I know the beauty to come from this. My body is the canvas and the artist is Christina Hock.

Skilled in the art and versatile at her craft Christina's work is pretty mind-blowing. First off there is a comfortable vibe in the shop (Dolorosa) and upon meeting Christina I felt no judgment. It was clear to me that she knows how to put people at ease. Her personality is down to earth. Her work is edgy and feminine, cut-throat and detailed.  Her ability to take her clients ideas and put them into visual form is an astounding  talent. Line drawing is an art inherent in most of us, with daily practice anyone could be good. This I believe. But it takes a certain type of expertise to take the line to paper and apply that same line to the curve of the flesh. Christina does this with grace and precision. She is a talent and a force of artistry.

Designer's Resolutions

1. Experience more art
2. Create
3. Visit showcase homes
4. Write more

5. Talk with artist from varying genres
6. Design
7. Find beauty in everyday occurrences
9. Look for new ways of doing things
10. Visit museums and art galleries
11. Listen to more music
12. Try new foods
13. Research more architects
14. Attend a fashion Show
15. Visit a new state
16. Explore more wines
18. Explore
19. Get lost in a good book
20. Be

With 2014 behind us we can focus on the good to come in 2015. I wish you all a fabulous year filled with creativity and design!
I am thankful for you!
As if I dug into the earth myself to retrieve the pregnant fruit of the vine. The smell of rich cherry permanents my sense. The playful aroma of the lush fermenting liquid and the time it spent dancing the curves of the oak barrel, this is the image that sprang to mind as I closed my eyes to take a sniff.

As I sip the young fruit pops in my mouth and lingers on the sensitive buds. The saliva begins to flow... The thought appears, if only I had the rich makings of a pepper steak to accompany this spirited glass of wine.  

Les Portes De Bordeaux, Bordeaux 2013

For the price I say this is certainly a good find, though I am not familiar with Bordeaux wines. Bordeaux is a compilation of grapes bring forth complexity in flavors and a pleasant surprise to the palate. So with the cold nights rapidly approaching this is the perfect time to explore what Bordeaux has to offer and suggestions are always welcome.  

Artist Diane DiPrima will be hosting a fundraiser for Smile Train on Wednesday, November 19 from 6-9 p.m. at the Roll Up Gallery, located in Public Works, 161 Erie Street, San Francisco.

Smile Train provides the repair surgery for children around the world affected by cleft lips and cleft palates. One operation costs only $250.
For more information please visit: The Events Facebook Page (click)

Same couch, two designs..... Which do you prefer?

Anyone who is sensitive to my design style knows that I LOVE the Art Deco period of design. So when I stumbled upon Filament Vintage Lighting in the Pasadena Antique Mall I bubbled over with joy.  Filament Vintage Lighting is a collection of rewired antique lighting, fixtures, and unique industrial lighting piece. These fixtures are elegant works of art dating back to the early 1900’s. Cast Iron, Copper, Aluminum, Gold finishing… old world materials that make my design taste buds water.

Filament Vintage Lighting also has a collection of vintage inspired lighting made from recycled materials. 1303 Vintage Style ARROW sign, 1214 Industrial Wire Cage Sconces, 1166 Flat Industrial Shade hanging from Gold Wire... These are just a few of my favorites. There are some great designs here for a Steam-punk inspired interior.

For more information on the lovely, lovely lighting piece please visit

or if you live near Pasadena or Seattle check out Pasadena Antique Mall in the Paseo, Pacific Galleries Antique Mall in Seattle

Filament Vintage Lighting
(206) 819-6042

Art Deco slip shade light Consolidated Lamp and Glass

Fixture by Lincoln Manufacturing is from their Triangle line and was sold by Sears in the 1930’s.

Art Deco Nickel Commercial Fixture

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