Well its Friday...
Since the weather has reverted back to a fall-like state I thought it would be nice to share this Merlot with you. Even though I enjoy Merlot it seems I rarely drink them but on a day like today with a slight chill  and light mist in the air this is the perfect blend of grapes.

Merlot is one of the most popular wines and has a lot of flexibility when pairing with food. Founded in 1979 the Falesco Winery has produced a flavor forward, bold Merlot. Falesco Merlot Umbria 2011 embodies a sensual aroma, rich with light tobacco and vanilla notes. This wine is easily paired with salmon or lamb. My personal preference would be to find a variety of delectable cheeses, some fresh season fruit, and enjoy a glass of this beautiful Merlot while sitting under the shade of the clouds and reading a good book! 


I'm not afraid to admit it... I'm a tea drinker, there I said it...

As a little girl raised by a single parent, my mother made every effort to make sure I had special moments in my childhood. Though her budget was not extraordinary she found the means to treat us to the occasional night out. One of my favorite things we did was dinner at our local Chinese restaurant, where I got to eat with chopsticks and drink green tea complete with tea leaves floating in my cup. I loved to observe the leaves as they shifted with each sip and when there was nothing left in the bottom of the cup, My mother and I would pretend that we could read our future in the leaves.

At the humble age of about five, this is where my love of tea began.

Similar to the pleasant memories I hold of my first sip of deep black cherry flavors in a glass of Stags Leap 2001 SLV, I am just as delighted by recapturing the vibrant fruit and spice notes of my first cup of Ashbey Teas Alberry Spice. Recently I've had the great delight of indulging in some teas that are quite special.
Ambessa Tea by the famed culinary artist Marcus Samuelsson.
If the elegant packaging by Louise Fili doesn't do it for you, then what's inside certainly will. There are four teas in which Ambessa offers and I highly recommend trying them all.

-Earl of Harlem-  is an earthy, smoky black tea with the palatable and seductive aroma of what I sense to be liquorice or lavender.

-Safari Breakfast-  is one of the richest black teas I've had the pleasure of tasting. This is the perfect cup of tea when married with a bit of sugar and cream.

Then there is the majestic profile of the  -Lingonberry Green Tea-  Lush with hints of fruit tantalizing in scent and taste. I especially love this tea because of the red cornflowers.

Last and uniquely my favorite is the  -Choco Nut Blend-  The dark chocolate bouquet is soothing enough on its own and arouses the taste buds, but its the decadent blends of chocolate and caramel with just the slightest hint of peanut that tickles my palate.

The beauty of these teas is that they take me on a whimsical journey, they enhance my mood and help create special moments in my day. Ambessa teas have certainly captured a place in my heart and in my tea sipping enjoyment. No, I am not afraid to admit... I am a tea drinker and a tea lover!



Today we celebrate by indulging in a moist and oh so yummy gluten free cupcake, courtesy of A Sweet Design.


A friend of mine is in a classic rock band and he asked if I would design a flyer for them. It's a humble piece but they band really got joy out of it.

There is a moment in the movie "Pride and Prejudice" (circa 2005) when Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, after a sleepless night, are spiritually summoned to a vast blanket of lush green fields in the opaque mist of the early morning hours. Both characters are in deep contemplation of their unending love for one another when they find themselves convened in the grassy meadow. When Mr. Darcey (played brilliantly by Matthew Macfadyen) attempts to express his undying love for Elizabeth (the always striking talent of Kira Knightley) his declaration caught in his throat... "I love, I love (breath), I love you"... the genius of a pure human emotion is expressed. This moment of heighten sentiment triggers deep feelings in my emotional orchestra, with such intensity that I begin to cry (every time I watch this moment in the film and I have easily watched it ten times over). This same embodiment of feelings  is expressed in me when viewing the graphic design work of Louise Fili.

The essence behind these emotions tell the story of something incredibly special; It's the mark of exception design. Louise Fili is a modern day romantic. Her work speaks loudly to her undying love of all things Art deco, all things culinary arts, and her love of Italy. Former Art Director of Pantheon Books, Louise is currently Principle of her own design firm based in New York. There are no words that adequately voice my personal feelings for Louise Fili's graphic design and art, but I will say that her work is  a lush treasure of type and line. Louise's work speaks with true romance. She is the
Jane Austen of graphic arts. I implore you to discover her brilliance for yourself.

Photo's provided by the office of Louise Fili, Kelly Thorn - Designer


Seattle is a city of culinary delight for any dedicated foodie. And if you were to visit the Emerald City and not go to one of Tom Douglas restaurants, well some might declare you insane. In my humble opinion Tom Douglas is a self taught master of culinary arts. With no formal training Tom has laid the foundation for his culinary genus by traveling the world and exploring food. Seattle is a great city in its own right but with Tom and his restaurants as a permanent fixture, well lets just say its the icing on the cake and you can't have one without the other.