Summer is a feast for countless festivals and street fairs, from garlic to wine, strawberries to lobster, there is something for every taste bud and salivary gland... :o)

Ladies Night Out is a tribute to all things summer.  Food, shopping, live music and more...

With special discounts and plenty of edible goodies Ladies Night Out is a perfect evening for the foodie and shopaholic in all of us. Don't be fooled by the name, an evening with the ladies involves the whole family. While the ladies are getting their shop on the men can sample a variety of cuisine from the multitude of food trucks. This is defiantly a family event!

But I must say the highlight of my evening was the discovery of Two Ships bake shop. There is a divine creative soul cranking out some sweet treats and these might just be my favorite French Macaroons ever! From one creative endeavor to another Jaime is painting a canvas of delectable baked goods with simple ingredients. Two words Mexican - Chocolate (macaroon that is)

Lucky for us Ladies Night Out is a year round event. So be sure to check out the festivities on the last Friday of every month, oh and be sure to follow Two Ships bake shop to discover where they'll be next.

This years wine festival was a blast and supported an amazing cause Rock Against Trafficking.
R.A.T is a non-profit in support of ending child slavery worldwide. It always feels good to support a great cause while having a little fun.

And fun was had until the wee morning hours...

The food was great, the wine flowed, and the summer fashion was abundant!
Wine festivals are a great way to explore a variety foods, wine, and spirits. I highly recommend making it a point to attend The Calabasas Malibu Wine & Food Festival next summer. Be sure to get your tickets early as the event will sell out!

Happy Friday!

The food of my soul is music. So often it's a song, a piece of music that inspires me to create. The graphic art above was inspired by a song called The Newspaper by Citizen Cope. To me the song is a poetic journey of our material culture, insight you can move your hips to... Our willingness to believe what we see through the eyes of the media as an expression of truth i.e. Wag the Dog. Right or wrong the message of this song is beautiful and like much of his work Cope influences my imagination.
A little design project I completed for French Bulldog Village Rescue...

...I love independent film

About a week ago I had the pleasure of attending a film screening of the thriller Scream at the Devil. A Knightsbridge Theatre Films production written and directed by Joseph P. Stachura, starring famed actress and novelist Shari Shattuck.
Scream at the Devil
is a dark film about a schizophrenic woman who makes a deal with the devil while estranged from her cheating husband.

There is a world of design required in making a film, but there are two design aspects of this film that really stood out for me. The first and possibly obvious choice is the set design and decor. I loved the sort of rustic craftsman, mixed with traditional interior elements. The set was well balanced for the darkness of this film, a bit of juxtaposition as I found the set to be warm and inviting. The second stunning element of design are the camera shots and compositions. I loved the way the movement between the shots worked in harmony with some of the other aspects of film design, such as the editing and music. Of course there are many good design elements to the film. For more about the film:
Wednesday evening….

I walk in with the sort of confidence as if I’ve been here before… that's because I have. The wine-tender (AKA - GM Nick Caballero) is friendly, just as he was when I visited last week to snap photos of the bar.

There are a couple of folks at the bar counter and a group of ladies toward the back. The mood is perfect so far…

Burbank’s first wine bar… I have been so excited for this moment and though it doesn’t compare to my introduction to Left Coast when Ed was running the place, I still feel the love here, I still feel very comfortable.

Typically I’m not a fan of modern décor but somehow the straight lines and box-i-ness of the interior works, plus I can’t help but love a place that supports local artist. Perhaps it’s the warmth and abundance of wood, one of my favorite decorative interior elements…. I feel like a rare bottle of wine in a wine crate. I like that.

As more people trickle in I realize that there is nothing to absorb the sound of a large crowd in this space, an aspect of design which is continually over looked within the LA scene. No matter,  I am sipping on a nice glass of wine Gran Passione, Merlot-Corvina, Veneto, Italy.

The food is heavenly, the creation and design of culinary artist  Executive Chef Wesley Pumphrey and Sous Chef Jessika Maymi. There is no doubt that I will be back here. Owner's Shannan VerGow and Jen Raim have created the new social hot spot and I look forward to sampling more lush, dynamic wines!